The images in this site were created by working from observation and imagination.

The Front Page image of an american flag on a sofa, came from a recurring dream. The dream was based on an experience I had when I was a little girl in Cuba. My fathers business was dismantled, shortly after Castro took over the government. Our neighbor had to leave Cuba in a hurry. In his departure he gave my mother and father a luggage, inside there was an American flag. At that time in the history of Cuba it was illegal to own, let alone display an american flag. My mother decided to reupholster the sofa. In my dream I recall the feeling I felt when strangers, came knocking on the door, to see the sofa. I recall peoples faces when they saw the sofa.

The dream kept haunting me. I decided to find a way to dispursed the dream. I found an american flag, somewhere in my apt and drapped it on the studio couch. I painted this with the intention of understanding what was haunting me. To this day I don't know what that was.

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